2022 Vauxhall Astra GS Line

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2022 Vauxhall Astra GS Line

The All-new Astra is also the first Vauxhall model to feature the brand's new trim line-up. The new, simplified, three version line-up of Design, GS Line, and Ultimate will be rolled out on both future and existing models. The new range structure makes it even easier for customers to choose their new Vauxhall, with specification aligned between electric, and petrol and diesels models making them easily comparable.

  • Design – The entry point features bold and pure styling and driver assistance tech
  • GS Line – Combines striking sports styling with advanced technology
  • Ultimate – GS Line styling and packed with a raft of premium technology

The All-new Vauxhall Astra is a design statement of intent for the brand. After the All-new Mokka, New Crossland and New Grandland SUVs, the All-new Astra is Vauxhall's first hatchback to interpret the brand's bold and pure design philosophy.

Dynamic as never before, with sheer, taut surfaces, detoxed of superfluous elements and with the new brand face – the Vauxhall Vizor. With the next compact class generation, Vauxhall shows that the Astra is ready to define a new era.

Like its predecessor launched in 2015, the newcomer brings innovations to the compact class that customers previously only knew from more expensive vehicles. For example, the Astra can turn night into day: the latest evolution of the adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel light comes straight from Vauxhall's flagship Insignia and, with 168 LED elements, significantly more than direct class rivals, leads the way in the compact and midsize market sectors.

With the fully digital Pure Panel, analogue instruments are consigned to history. Instead, the new human-machine-interface (HMI) with fresh, modern graphics offers customers a pure, more intuitive experience. Passengers can operate the Astra intuitively via two 10-inch touchscreens, just like a smartphone. The Panel Pro features a glass-to-edge design that seamlessly integrates the two touchscreens. Vauxhall's designers and engineers have taken great care to ensure that the driver receives all the necessary information and useful operating options, but is not burdened with superfluous data or functions. In addition, key settings such as climate control can still be operated via physical switches and buttons.

Typically Vauxhall is also the outstanding seating comfort of the new compact class model. The front seats, developed in-house, are AGR-certified for healthy backs, with their exemplary ergonomics, are exceedingly comfortable, especially on long journeys.

The driver is supported by state-of-the-art assistance systems ranging from the Intelli-HUD head-up display to the semi-automated Intelli-Drive (which includes

Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Positioning Assist, Adaptive Cruise, Semi-Autonomous Lane Change and Curve Speed Adaptation, which slows the car down at bends in the road) and the Intelli-Vision 360-degree parking camera.

The eighth-generation Astra is the first one to give customers the choice between petrol and diesel variants and a highly efficient Plug-in Hybrid model, the Astra Plug-in HYBRID-e, from launch. With order books opening today, first deliveries of the All-new Astra will take place early next year. As part of the new trim structure, all Vauxhall plug-in hybrid and fully electric models will have the same levels of equipment and specification as their equivalent petrol and diesel counterpart, and will be priced to ensure parity in total cost of ownership for the customer.

The All-new Astra will also be available as a fully-electric model from 2023. And will join the Vauxhall all-electric line-up alongside Corsa-e, Mokka-e, Combo-e Life and Vivaro-e Life, as well as an already fully-electric light commercial vehicle line-up of Combo-e, Vivaro-e and Movano-e. Vauxhall's line-up will be electrified across the line-up by 2024 and solely fully-electric from 2028 – several years ahead of the UK Government's deadline.

Electric and efficient Powertrains

From launch, the All-new Astra will be available in the Plug-in HYBRID-e variant which combines Vauxhall's 1.6-litre petrol engine with a 12.4 kWh battery for a combined power output of 180PS, with a more powerful, 225PS Plug-in Hybrid Electric variant to become available later next year. Both models will be capable of up to 35 miles (WLTP) of electric range – enough to cover 85 per cent of all typical journeys. With emissions as low as 24g/km CO2, the All-new Astra will be ideal for both fleets and private buyers looking to save on running costs.

Customers can also choose from a line-up of efficient petrol and diesel engines. The All-new Astra is available with a 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol unit, or a 1.5-litre four cylinder diesel engine, with both variants available with either a six-speed manual or Vauxhall's smooth eight-speed automatic.

Bold and pure design with detoxed interior

The All-New Astra continues Vauxhall's new bold and pure design language, featuring the instantly recognisable Vauxhall Vizor front end that houses the new Griffin logo. Stretching across the front, making the Astra look even wider, the Vizor front end seamlessly integrates technologies such as the ultra-slim IntelliLux LED® headlamps and the front camera of the Intelli-Vision parking camera.

Featuring a 13mm longer wheelbase than the predecessor, the All-New Astra is just 4mm longer than the previous variant, resulting in a short front overhang and a muscular, confident stance. The rear of the car is defined by simple and striking lines forming the Vauxhall Compass, at which its centre is the new Vauxhall Griffin logo.

Inside, Vauxhall has focused on detoxing the interior – making it simple and intuitive to use. Vauxhall's Pure Panel digital interface dominates the interior, with all models from launch featuring a 10-inch driver instrument cluster and a 10-inch digital touchscreen with satellite navigation as standard. The full glass, edge-to-edge Pure Panel Pro consists of a new Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that helps reduce the need for analogous buttons and makes it easier to access features via the infotainment screen. Everyday functions like speaker volume and air-conditioning temperature remain hard keyed for ease of access.

The All-new Astra is also best-in-class for smartphone connectivity, with all models featuring Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto as standard, with the Astra also available with wireless charging and Intelli-Air – which links smartphone commands with the AGR (heated) seats. Wireless phone projection is also standard across the range – so no need for messy wires cluttering the car.

Next-generation safety features

Vauxhall has incorporated the latest automated driver assistance systems with the All-new Astra. In addition to the multifunction camera in the windscreen, the technology comprises four body cameras (one at the front, one at the rear and one on each side), five radar sensors (one at the front and one at each corner), as well as ultrasonic sensors front and rear.

Cameras and sensors are integrated with e-horizon connectivity in Intelli-Drive, which extends the range of the cameras and the radar. This enables the system to adapt the speed in curves, make speed recommendations and perform semi-autonomous lane changes. Hands-off detection on the steering wheel ensures the driver remains engaged at all times. The system also keeps the car in the centre of its lane.

The long list of automated driver assistance systems also includes adaptive cruise control, which increases or decreases speed to follow the vehicle ahead and can brake to a standstill if necessary. With the automatic transmission, driving resumes automatically thanks to "Stop & Go".

Ultimate models of the All-new Astra feature Vauxhall's IntelliLux LED® Pixel Light technology, which consists of 168 LED elements in the front lights. The main beam automatically adjusts to oncoming traffic in milliseconds, with the range and direction of the light changing according to the driving situation.

The offer of class-leading assistance systems also includes the Intelli-HUD head-up display standard across all models, the first for Vauxhall, which helps drivers better maintain eyes on the road.

Three trim levels from launch

All-new Astra will be available in three trim levels from launch; Design, GS Line and Ultimate. Design, GS Line and Ultimate will be the Vauxhall trim line up for future Vauxhall models, with the new trim levels rolled out across the existing model range during 2022.

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